Short Fiction Collection 

The six stories in Love is Louder celebrate extraordinary women who use the power of their imaginations and the strength of their spirits to change their worlds and to celebrate their humanity. 

 *Quarter Finalist in the ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Competition, 2017



Love is Louder

A charismatic and sociopathic leader with a dark past creates a new movement that ignites RAGE and spurs incidents of violence, rape, and murder as he manipulates his audience through subliminal messaging during his music and media events, which culminate in mass 'scream therapy.' A counter culture arises to combat this insanity known as the  Silent Suzies who infiltrate his events and emit love instead of hate.  Four different Silent Suzies reveal their roles in his demise and uncover the underbelly of a soulless, sociopathic movement, one that they must stop in order to save humanity. o

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The year her father goes to jail, eight-year old Pearl invents an imaginary friend, Future Self, a version of herself who lives in the future and can report back when she'll see him again. Initially used to help her cope with his absence, Future Self helps her with life (on a math test, crossing the street, etc.). When her father returns, she uses her gift at the racetrack to help him pay back a gambling debt and finally learns the whole truth.  She has a  recurring nightmare about a dying old woman and finally grasps the bigger implications of Future Self.  


In My Pocket

A woman in her twenties of East Indian descent transforms her life when she finds the room key to an exclusive hotel in the pocket of an expensive coat that she tries on at a store. She goes to the hotel to sneak into their indoor pool and 'rebirths' herself into a new life, reflecting on her ancestors and her parents who are  in India caring for her sick grandmother.  Alone in this country, she carries the essence of her ancestry with her and reinvents herself, launching into a new life through the power of her imagination and her unwavering spirit. 



A newly heartbroken and unmarried woman (39) poses as a psychic medium to meet eligible widowers and falls in love with an ER doctor whose young wife died from an alleged overdose the year before.  With the promise of marriage and a family almost within reach, her fake psychic ruse is soon derailed when she sees his dead wife in her kitchen one night who claims that her death wasn't a suicide, but a murder. When another dead wife shows up to help legitimize her business, she learns the power of friendship and the freedom that comes with embracing the truth.   


*Image by Tobi Fishel,

The Eternity Store

The Eternity Store is an alternate reality where the visitor must choose one item that determines his or her foray into forever. When the beautiful shop girl at the Eternity Store falls in love with the newest visitor, they search for a 'parting gift' that would allow them to be together for all eternity. When they grasp the isolation that comes with immortality and connect on a very soulful level, they make the ultimate sacrifice to outsmart the evil proprietor and change their fates through the power of love.  *Also a short script.



A brilliant blind man (35) who can speak to dogs on their frequency falls in love with a woman he encounters in an elevator. He tracks her down with the help of his canine companion (an energetic three-year-old who's also on a love quest) and his unconventional Uber Driver (26), a struggling actress and former runaway with a dark past and a bright spirit. His journey takes him to new destinations and to the heart of his longing and loneliness, finally realizing that his true love has been with him all along.