Susan Lee Hahn Screenwriting
Stories That Celebrate and Empower Women

Chasing Time

GENRE: Supernatural, Historical Drama with a Love Story that takes place in Italy during the present day, interwoven with glimpses of the Renaissance

LOGLINE: A gifted American artist (30+) joins the Medici Artists colony in Tuscany, Italy where she discovers an immortality potion that the patron has been taking since the Renaissance. As she unravels the mystery and nearly ingests it out of curiosity, she discovers her ancestral connection to him and to some of Italy's greatest artists and scientists. She falls in love with a man who triggers a distant memory of their previous  lifetimes together also during the Renaissance, revealing her role and her responsibility for the fate of the patron, the others who have been taking it, and the potion itself.  As the keeper of this distorted 'Fountain of Youth', she has the fate of humankind in her hands and understands that the inspiration to create art comes from a deep acceptance of our mortality and limited time on earth.  

ONE: The Age of Adeline meets Benjamin Button

Finalist, Best Unproduced Scripts, Milan Int'll Film Festival 2015
Semi-Finalist, ISA FastTrack, 2015