Susan Lee Hahn Screenwriting
Stories That Celebrate and Empower Women

Break Open the Sky

Genre: Adventure drama and love story that takes place in the present day (physical reality) and at an otherworldly mountain retreat that's nestled in some remote and rugged terrain (spiritual reality). 

Logline: Two lovers reunite in the 'Beforelife' and have one last day to spend together before one of them is reincarnated. Jack is in his early fifties, and Shelly, the great love of his life is in her late thirties. When they meet again in the spiritual realm, they are determined to  empower their love so it transcends the physical and spiritual worlds, keeping them connected since it seems that one will return to life without the other. 

As they journey to the top of a mountain with two other hopeful souls who are vying for the same two lifetimes, they all discover connections from their past lives and reveal secrets that only they would know. As the defining moment inches closer, the characters on both sides of life await the arrival of new babies and the departure of two souls with open hearts, great longing, and the hope that while bodies may die, love endures.
TONE: Defending Your Life meets Big Fish - *Also a novel

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